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Sun 12 Nov 2017

Hell Child

The Daughter of Hades Enters the World

So, there I am in the mall and here my name called.. That moment when you meet someone from times past.. When I first joined this venture I was skeptical. I joined, none the less, to help rekindle the world of imagination for ;future generations. I have only been on a short time, but I have begun to immerse myself. It had been man, many moons since the last time this little zen master creased his last page on my last comic book. In other words, I'm really old and it has been a while since I have read a comic other than the Sunday paper.
So, in my initial return to the comic world, I felt that the Marvel and DC universe were to say the least, a little lacking in creativity. Yes there have been some new characters here and there, but all in all nothing has captured my attention. So in my quest for a different feel than the characters of ole, my friend introduced me to ;the world of Zenescope. I don't know if you know (now you will.. know), but this series contains many story book characters we grew up with such as Snow White and the land of OZ, or Alice in Wonderland. The difference between the stories then and now is as you between your childhood and now. The stories have grown up and taken a more superhero/heroine or villainous turn. I myself picked up the story of Hell Child.. I was not disappointed.
Hell Child was for me a change from old mentality.. I picked it up on a whim at the behest of my friend. He recommended a couple of other titles, but indicated that this was good as well. I read the fir one, about her return to the world of the living. Her story is partial in other series, none the less this still included enough of a back story to give the character depth and history. I loved the origin story, of a lost love that may or may not be true love or even returned.. Was he really in love with her or wa she using her to gain power. Only time will tell. Her initial return brought uncertainty, and much violence. I of course loved her demeanor towards the unknown situation.. Not every persons initial reaction is to be frightened. Her last recollection before her death was that of the thought that her father had killed her through his treachery to her lover. Her awakening let loose all of that pain and anger. The short glimpses she gets into her memories is slowly bringing thoughts to a state of calm and order, but in the mean time, stay out of her path. It is easier to work with her than to be her enemy.
I have bought 1 - 5 and am enjoying every minute of them.. getting ready to re-read and find the next issues.. of course we carry those as well.. Well that's it for me right now.. I will ;see you on the other side of the back cover when I am finished what I am reading.. till then fingers clean books up and fill your world and imaginations........

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