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Thu 9 Nov 2017

The Black Sable

A review of Black Sable #1

So, I just finished reading one of my new favorite titles by Zenescope The Black Sable. I am not a huge space pirate kind of person, but I really enjoyed this one. This comic has five variant covers (I have attached my two favorites) but the absolute best one is Cover C by Ruiz Burgos and not just because she is naked you perverts. It’s the face and how I think he captures the beauty of the character and the danger behind her eyes. Anyways, enough about covers let’s get to the meat of comic the actual story and art inside. Anyone that has read Robyn Hood "I love New York" or Robyn Hood "Tarot" knows the ridiculous art work of Sergio Arino who I truly believe is one of, if not the best, artist Zenescope has.
The story really starts off with a bang. Sable and her crew attacking an Alpha Corporation freighter, trying to find some riches. Instead, they find slaves but, our pirate with morals decides to send them home. Her policy being to never get rich off living cargo. The rest of the comic however is more of a meet and greet with what appears to be the rest of the universe. Captain Blood (am I the only one that thinks he looks like a badass metal predator!?!) and his second Mr. Dagger aboard their ship The Fiend. Captain Reaver, more by name then actually meeting I believe he is the half cyborg half man that is examining the shark at the end. The most intriguing character besides Sable, is her love interest or is it friends with benefits… Enemies with benefits?...Captain Blake
On the way to his room they talk about some map he lost his ship over. This map leads them to Korvarian Fuel Cells (Never really explains why they are so valuable). Sable more or less dismisses the whole map and its supposed treasure as mere myth. He also quickly forgets about it, when he realizes they both have better things they could be doing with their time. I am going to hold my opinion on the story till we get a bit deeper into the series, I like the foreshadowing and where Joe Brusha is hinting this story could go, but if you know anything about Zenescope you will know anything is possible.

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Read the Black Sable's as well for myself.. Liked it, bit of a rocky start for me personally, but definitely reccomendable though. Zenescope is definitely onto something. Starting the Grimm Fairytales soon..