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Wed 8 Nov 2017

Welcome to GCG

GCG First Blog

I want to welcome you to GCG, we are unique website that is trying to blend a social atmosphere with of course the sales of comic books and collectibles. I’m Super Geek (want to know anything about me, check out my about me page under contact), I am writing the first blog to kick things off. We are still a relatively new company and I would like an atmosphere where those who love comics, super heroes/heroines, and the sci-fi realm can meet and discuss topics. We also can take advice as to products you would like to see or maybe purchase. This will be short and sweet (lol), I am merely going to let you know what you can find in these blogs moving forward. We are going to have variety of different voices sounding off on everything from our favorite Super Heroes to who would win in a war between Star Fleet or The Empire, and everything in between. BTW it is the empire two words Darth Vader, my popularity just dropped I know but we all know I am right. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for joining our site and hope you find something good to read or talk about. Oh, also if you are in the Exton area you can visit us at the Exton Mall (just down the right-side hall, from the food court). Hit us up to expand your collection or to simply see something new...

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