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About Super_Geek

Hello All!

Let me introduce myself, I am Super_Geek! One of the founders of GC galore. Where we have taken our love for coding games and combined it with our equal love for comics. I began reading comics in the late 80’s when my grandmother bought me a Green Lantern at our local grocery store. That turned into buying titles every month with my parent’s money (Thanks Guys) down at our local comic book store Brandywine Collectibles. My brother and I read everything from X-Men to Spawn, and everything in between. We read comics for years until I had kids of my own and kind of, well, forgot.

Then came my gaming years I went from Nintendo to the original PlayStation to the Xbox. I was more of sports guy that had a very bad habit of taking my frustration out on my controllers (Sorry Momma, My bad Dad). I also really loved role-playing games where your choices determined the outcome of the game my three favorites were Knight of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Legends of Dragoon. After hiding in my basement while the kids where screaming (Have to apologize to the wifey one of these days) I found online gaming. Where I could role-play as a character with other players. I played online browser based games for many years till life got in the way. Then the strangest set of events changed my life forever.

I was out of work and struggling when I bought my first online role-playing game I had no idea what I was doing, no experience in coding. Luckily, I had a great company help me with trying to make the game better, it took me few months, but I finally realized to truly make my company and game better I needed to learn to code. So, I started with good old copy and paste method then change things till it appeared to work. Well that lasted for about month when I met a player on one of my games that started to teach me the basics. That lasted for a couple of months and he taught me a lot till life got in the way. But that is when the two greatest people I have ever met, took me under their wing.

No matter how much I messed up or asked questions they always stopped what they were doing and showed me what I was doing wrong and worked with me till I became a proficient coder. They helped me build my games and company, I can never thank them enough for their kindness and generosity. I have been coding now for almost 5 years and without them there is no way I would be where I am, from the bottom of my heart Thank You Teach and Thank You Yoda, just saying!

After a while my youngest son was struggling to read and he hated books. So, we picked up a Flash comic and begin reading it, after some time he began reading the comic on his own and I realized why I love coding so much when every other job in the world I have ever had bored the day lights out of me. I liked to entertain people and create things.

That is when GCG was born I took my love of coding and re-found my love of comics and combined them. We had to rebuild the site a few times to get it right but now it is up and growing every day. My goal is to bring the world of heroes to everyone that will let me, while also giving a platform to unknown artists and comic books. Hopefully this read wasn't too boring and if you see me on GCG just say Hi, so we can talk about your favorite heroes. Oh, if you see Fungi remind him from me that he is the man, also if you see Fu Man Chu kick him in the shin! Thanks for reading.